About the Arne Næss Programme

We stimulate creative research and debate on the philosophical, ethical and legal dimensions of socio-environmental challenges of our time.

The uniqueness of the Arne Næss Programme - as compared to other initiatives on green growth and the climate shift - is its emphasis on the ethical and philosophical foundations of sustainable modernity.

Without critical reflection on the relationship between ethics, business, and politics, the green growth agenda risks technocratic or narrow solutions, or migrating to the domain of market forces.


Nina Witoszek
Programme Director
Centre for Development and the Enviroment, University of Oslo

The legacy of Arne Næss

We draw on the legacy of Norway’s foremost eco-philosopher, Ghandi scholar and environmental activist.

Our overall aim is to bring together young researchers, leading international thinkers, and practitioners from diverse fields to stimulate novel solutions to socio-environmental challenges of our time.