The Arne Næss Programme is run by Nina Witoszek, Programme Director.


The Programme was initiated by Research Professor Nina Witoszek in 2007.

In 2012, the Arne Næss Advisory Council was established as a “think tank” to plan and evaluate Arne Næss Chair activities and the annual symposia.

Arne Næss Academic Advisory Council

  • Nina Witoszek, Programme director, SUM, UiO
  • Sidsel Roalkvam, Director, SUM, UiO
  • Inga Bostad, former Vice Rector of UiO
  • Dag O. Hessen, Professor, UiO
  • Atle Midttun, Professor at BI Norwegian Business School
  • Knut Myrum Næss, Administrative Coordinator of the Arne Næss Programme
  • Arild Engelsun Ruud, Professor of South Asia Studies. UiO
  • Hans Petter Graver, Professor at the Department of Private Law, UiO
  • Karen O'Brien, Professor at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography, UiO
  • Trygve Eiliv Wyller, Professor at the Faculty of Theology, UiO
  • Jørn Hurum, Professor at the Norwegian Center for Palenotology, UiO
  • Hilde Bondevik, Professor at the Institute of Health and Society, UiO
  • Tone Brekke, Research at Centre for Gender Research UiO
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