Research areas, networks and centres

Research centre for socially inclusive energy transitions

Include is a research centre on socially inclusive energy transition. Include has seven research partners and about 20 user partners in the public, private and voluntary sectors in Norway and the UK.

  • Arne Næss Programme on Global Justice and the Environment
    • We bring together young researchers, leading international thinkers, and practitioners from diverse fields to stimulate novel solutions to socio-environmental challenges of our time.

  • Network for Asian Studies
    • Norwegian research network promoting studies and research on Asia, and sharing knowledge about the region's history, society, culture, politics and the environment.

  • Latin America Focus
    • We focus on environmental governance, politics and economic development in Latin America.

  • The Collective for the Political Determinants of Health
    • We bring together an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners interested in the political determinants of health.
  • Oslo Academy of Global Governance
    • A leading arena for knowledge development and dissemination on global governance for sustainable development in all its dimensions.

  • Oslo SDG Initiative
    • A hub for education, research, outreach and dissemination related to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.