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Picture of Johanna Adolfsson Adolfsson, Johanna Postdoctoral Fellow - Senter for utvikling og miljø Cultural Psychology, Global South, Africa, Malawi, Development, Malawi, qualitative research
Picture of Dan Banik Banik, Dan Professor and Director of the Oslo SDG Initiative +47-22858735 +47-93696583 Poverty, SDGs, Democracy, Governance, Food, Asia, Africa, Aid, Inequality, China, Malawi, Global South
Picture of Tyler Barrott Barrott, Tyler Doctoral Research Fellow Africa, Aid, Corporate Communications and PR, Corporate Engagement in Development Policy, CSR, Development, Global South, Energy, Tanzania, Nordic Model, Norway, Oil & Gas, Appalachia
Picture of Erik Berge Berge, Erik Adviser +47 22858906 +47 95961333 Include, Communications Adviser, Cristin
Picture of Marius Bergh Bergh, Marius Financial Adviser +47-22858977 Financial management, Reporting, Budget, External funding
Picture of Elin Bergstrøm Bergstrøm, Elin Research Assistant
Picture of Kristian Bjørkdahl Bjørkdahl, Kristian Postdoctoral Fellow and Head of Teaching +47-22858993 +47-40610908 kristian.bjorkdahl Rhetoric, Pragmatism
Picture of Bjorn Leif Brauteseth Brauteseth, Bjorn Leif Doctoral Research Fellow Sino-African Relations, Ecological Civilization, Xi Jinping Thought, African Development, International Public Law, Human Rights, Authoritarian Environmentalism
Picture of Benedicte Bull Bull, Benedicte Professor +47 22858902 Latin America, Globalisation, Governance, Brazil, Global South
Picture of Harald Bøckman Bøckman, Harald Emeritus +47-22858954 China, Network for Asian Studies
Picture of Guisela Carolina Camacho Mejia Camacho Mejia, Guisela Carolina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 94477379 Human Rights, Human Geography, Peru, Colombia, Food Systems, Global South, Gender, Latin America, Peace and conflict studies, Poverty and Development, International Public Law
Picture of Sarah Cechvala Cechvala, Sarah Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858981 Peace and conflict studies, Business and Governance, Business and Global Environmental Politics, Natural Resource Management, Peacebuilding, CSR, Africa, qualitative research, Aid
Picture of Niladri Chatterjee Chatterjee, Niladri Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858901 +47 40645178 Global Health, India, South Asia, Global South, Global Governance, Asia, Postcolonialism, Bangladesh
Picture of Erica Colman-Denstad Colman-Denstad, Erica Doctoral Research Fellow Arne Næss
Picture of Alexander Antony Dunlap Dunlap, Alexander Antony Postdoctoral Fellow Anthropology, Energy, Natural Resource Management, Political Ecology, Critical Agrarian Studies, Land Grabbing & Control, Green Economy, Market-based Conservation, Natural Resource Extraction, Renewable & Wind Energy Development, Social Movements, Colonial Genocide Studies
Picture of Gitte Egenberg Egenberg, Gitte Head of Office +47 22858987 Administrative management, Recruitment, Reporting, Annual plan, Annual report
Eldevik, Ada Research Assistant
Picture of Oda Fagerland Fagerland, Oda Research Assistant Research School
Picture of Marit Bye Gjermshus Gjermshus, Marit Bye Politics of Pandemics, Global Health
Picture of Wei (Vivian) Guo Guo, Wei (Vivian) Research Coordinator +47 22858481 +47 93978462
Picture of Arve Hansen Hansen, Arve Researcher +47 22858844 +4791559751 Energy and Climate, Consumption and Wellbeing, Vietnam
Picture of Gudrun C. E. Helland Helland, Gudrun C. E. Administrative Head of Studies +47-22858730 Student and Academic Administration, Personell Adviser
Picture of Eirik Bryhn Jacobsen Jacobsen, Eirik Bryhn Global helse
Picture of Jostein Jakobsen Jakobsen, Jostein Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858805 India, Food, Poverty, Asia, Governance, Political ecology, Development, Globalisation, Natural Resource Management
Picture of Charlotte  Kildal Kildal, Charlotte Research and Communications Adviser +47-22858820 +47 99782069 Communications Adviser, Web editor, Press contact, Research Adviser
Picture of Knut Kjæreng Kjæreng, Knut Process and Management Support +47 22 85 88 84 Management Support
Picture of Mads Larsen Larsen, Mads Postdoctoral Fellow Evolutionary Psychology, Cultural Transitions, Positive Psychology, Comparative Literature, Film & Media, Composition
Picture of Iris Leikanger Leikanger, Iris Doctoral Research Fellow 92 35 97 42
Picture of Odin Lysaker Lysaker, Odin Guest researcher Environmental ethics, Philosophy of nature, Green political theory, Global health ethics, Climate refugees
Picture of Desmond James Mcneill Mcneill, Desmond James 95031848 Aid, Globalisation, Governance, Natural Resource Management, Africa, Asia, Research School, Global South
Picture of Jason Miklian Miklian, Jason Researcher +47 22858911 +47 46894451 Business for Peace, peacebuilding, ESG, CSR, Colombia, climate and conflict, Bangladesh, crisis, global business, responsible business, natural disasters
Picture of Lobna Mohamed Mohamed, Lobna Student adviser 22858929 Student Administration, Admissions, Continuing Education
Picture of Johannes Jacob Nagel Nagel, Johannes Jacob Arne Næss Programme
Picture of Tom Neumark Neumark, Tom Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858925 Social anthropology, East Africa, Development and humanitarianism, Global health Digital and data, Renewable energy, Ethics and morality
Picture of Kit-Fai Næss Næss, Kit-Fai Project Assistant 22858729 Arne Næss
Picture of Antoine de Bengy Puyvallée Puyvallée, Antoine de Bengy Doctoral Research Fellow +47 400 73 554 Global Health, Ebola, Global Governance, Global Health Security, Public-Private Partnerships, qualitative research
Ramnæs, Helene Research Assistant Asianettverket
Picture of Kristoffer Ring Ring, Kristoffer Senior Engineer +47 22858912 +47 92809782 Administrative IT services, IT support for research
Picture of Sidsel Roalkvam Roalkvam, Sidsel Professor and Centre Director +47-22858796 Global Health, Africa, Asia, India, Global South, Malawi
Røysum, Terje Purchasing Manager and Head of Archives +47-22858795 Reimbursement, ePhorte, Travel
Sandnes, Thea Research Assistant Include
Picture of Anne-Line Sandåker Sandåker, Anne-Line Programme Coordinator +47 22858992 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Admissions, Examination
Picture of Jonas Vikan Simensen Simensen, Jonas Vikan SUM Research School
Picture of Felix Stein Stein, Felix Postdoctoral Fellow +33 682672837 Global health, anthropology, governance, Global South, finance, economics, pandemics
Picture of Jenna Rae Stepanic Stepanic, Jenna Rae Arne Næss Programme
Picture of Katerini Storeng Storeng, Katerini Associate Professor +47 22858883 Global public health, medical anthropology, global governance, pandemic preparedness, maternal health, Burkina Faso
Picture of Mariel Cristina Støen Støen, Mariel Cristina Professor +47 22858885 Political ecology, Latin America, Governance, Globalisation, Energy and Climate, Global South, Research School
Picture of Kristi Anne Stølen Stølen, Kristi Anne Gender, Latin America, Natural Resource Management, Poverty
Picture of Øyvind Sæta Sundet Sundet, Øyvind Sæta Project Manager +47 45228698
Picture of Karen Lykke Syse Syse, Karen Lykke Associate Professor +47 22858949 Nature and Culture, Food, Gender, Landscape
Picture of Johannes Rudjord Volden Volden, Johannes Rudjord Doctoral Research Fellow +47 97403608 97403608
Picture of Hege  Westskog Westskog, Hege Senior Researcher and Programme Coordinator Include +47 22858759 +4794307077
Picture of Ulrikke Bryn Wethal Wethal, Ulrikke Bryn Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858951 Sustainable consumption, Africa, Asia, Poverty and Development, Rights, China, Global South, Mozambique
Picture of Tanja Winther Winther, Tanja Professor and Head of research centre Include +47-22858915 Energy, Electricity, Gender, Practice, Sustainable development, Africa, Asia, Norway, Consumption and Wellbeing, India, Global South, Europe
Picture of Nina Witoszek Witoszek, Nina Senior Researcher +47-22858737 Environmental Ethics, Nature and Culture, Nordic Model