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Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Erik Berge Berge, Erik Web editor 95 96 13 33
Picture of Marius Bergh Bergh, Marius Financial Adviser +47-22858977 Financial management, Reporting, Budget, External funding
Picture of Oda Davanger Davanger, Oda Research assistant Network for Asian Studies
Picture of Gitte Egenberg Egenberg, Gitte Head of Office +47 22858987 Administrative management, Recruitment, Reporting, Annual plan, Annual report
Picture of Gudrun C. E. Helland Helland, Gudrun C. E. Student and Personnel Adviser +47-22858730 Student and Academic Administration, Personell Adviser
Picture of Hilde Holsten Holsten, Hilde Communications Adviser +47 22858904 +47 95272751 Web editor, Press contact, Research communication, Events
Picture of Charlotte  Kildal Kildal, Charlotte Research and Communications Adviser +47-22858820 +47 99782069 Communication Advisor, Web editor, Press contact, Research Advisor
Picture of Knut Kjæreng Kjæreng, Knut Process and Management Support +47 22 85 88 84 Management Support
Picture of Aurelia India Neumark Neumark, Aurelia India Adviser
Picture of Kristoffer Ring Ring, Kristoffer Senior Engineer +47 22858912 +47 92809782 Administrative IT services, IT support for research
Røysum, Terje Purchasing Manager and Head of Archives +47-22858795 Reimbursement, ePhorte, Travel
Picture of Anne-Line Sandåker Sandåker, Anne-Line Programme Coordinator +47 22858992 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Admissions, Examination