Take the Sustainable UiO train to the SDG Conference Bergen

We invite you to travel in a low-carbon and engaging way from Oslo to the SDG Conference Bergen in February 2020.

Train Sustainable UiO SDG conference Bergen

Photo: David Gubbler / Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The theme of the SDG Conference Bergen 2020 is Action/Inaction – Technologies and Partnerships.

Are you planning to travel from Oslo to attend the SDG Conference Bergen 2020? Why not join our Sustainable UiO conference train!

The University of Oslo has booked one train carriage on the afternoon train from Oslo to Bergen on Tuesday February 4, the day before the conference starts. The conference is held from February 5 - 7 at the University of Bergen.

Aboard the train, we kick-start the conference through talks, music, discussions and arts, exploring how small changes can lead to larger social and environmental transformations. What are the tipping points that can make a big difference for sustainability?

Reasons to get on-board our train

  • It is low-carbon!
  • We will prepare you for the conference through our on-board programme.
  • Meet other conference participants and expand your network.
  • Enjoy the spectacular mountain views from the train.
  • Join us in demonstrating possibilities and needs for transforming work cultures in academia and beyond towards low-carbon travel.
  • It is free of cost for conference participants.

Arrive on track(s) for the SDG Conference Bergen

UiO has booked one train carriage (68 seats) on the 12.03 pm train from Oslo to Bergen on Tuesday February 4, to arrive in time for Day Zero of the conference.

The train ticket for this carriage is free of charge. We will hand out the tickets on a first-come, first-served basis, to persons who are planning to attend the conference in Bergen. UiO students and employees who request a ticket before December 10, 2019 will be prioritized.

The train carriage is now fully booked!

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We also encourage you to take the train back from Bergen to Oslo, although there will not be a special UiO train on the return travel.

On-board programme

Tipping points: How little things can make a big difference for sustainability

The on-board conference train programme will explore our planet and societies’ tipping points. In the climate system, a tipping point is a threshold that, when exceeded, can lead to large changes in the state of the system. Climate scientists fear that these ‘known unknown’ tipping points, for instance created by the melting of polar ice, could exacerbate the current climate crisis.

In the social sciences and humanities, a tipping point is a point in time when a group or members of a group rapidly and dramatically changes behaviour and practices, leading to larger both human and environmental transformations. A better understanding of human and climate tipping points – historical, contemporary and future – will be crucial in working towards transformative climate action.


A detailed on-board programme will be announced soon.The train will leave Oslo S at 12.03 pm on Tuesday Feb. 4, and will arrive in Bergen at 18.56 pm.


Contact Lise Bjerke: lise.bjerke@sum.uio.no

The train programme committee consists of Sidsel Roalkvam, Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), Linnea Barberini, Student Parliament at UiO, Anne Kveim Lie, Faculty of Medicine, and Lise Bjerke, SUM and Faculty of Medicine.

Published Nov. 21, 2019 6:20 PM - Last modified Dec. 11, 2019 8:39 AM