Master's Thesis at SUM

Supervision of masters thesis

As a general rule, the scope of the advisory relationship should encompass from 10 – 15 meetings, beginning with the initial meeting in the student’s second semester and ending with the thesis defence. Experience shows that meetings between advisor and student are more effective when both agree beforehand on the subject of the meeting and the issues/questions to be discussed. In the final writing phase, the subject will usually be drafts of sections of the thesis, which should be submitted to the advisor in advance of Meetings.

Here is an overview over Supervisors at SUM.

Ethical implications in research

If your fieldwork materials are subject to a concession (i.e., contain personally identifiable data or sensitive information), you must also supply a copy of your agreement with the Norwegian Social Sciences Data Services (NSD).

If you, through interviews, questionnaires, observations or other means, are gathering, registering, processing or storing information about individuals (i.e. personal data), then your project is likely to be subject to Notification to Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD). This means that you are obligated to fill out a notification form (meldeskjema) and submit it to the Data Protection Official for Research. Even if the final report contains no personal data, the project may still be subject to notification if you process personal data while working on the project. Submitt as soon as possible prior to your field work.

Take the Notification Test here

If your research handles sensitive information, you may need to follow special regulations. If you believe your research may have ethical implications, ask your advisor for help to understand the regulations and to fill out the necessary forms for restricting the Master's thesis. Restriction of the master's thesis usually means blocking access to both the digital and printed version of the thesis.

Fieldwork and financial support

All students should fill in a declaration of personal information for students doing fieldwork abroad. This is due to security precautions so that UiO will be able to assist you in case of emergency.

Declaration regarding fieldwork abroad (CES)

Masters students can apply for up to 3500,- NOK in financial support from SUM to cover expenses related to fieldwork or to participate in seminars, conferences etc that are of direct relevance to the thesis. Travel grants for students are remunerated as a travel expenses claim  or as a travel advance.  Questions? Contact Terje Røysum..

  1. Reimbursement claims for travel expenses must be submitted within one month after the trip is completed.
  2. Fill out the expense reimbursement form (word) / (odt).
  3. Send/submitt the signed form together with all required documentation to Terje Røysum. NB! Strict documentation requirements apply, so please make sure to familirise yourself with the Basic documentation requirements for reimbursements before you leave.

Norwegian studens may also apply for financial support from Lånekassen. You apply online through "Mine sider", but should attache the "D-skjema" which is available on Lånekassens website

IT Services

Save, save, save! Always save and take backups of your files and recordings. We reccomend downloading Office 365 and to save your files or backups on OneDrive.

NVivo is a software that allows you to code text, sound, images and video. NVivo can also be used for transcribing.

EndNote is a reference tool most students find useful. The Library organize courses, there are online tutorials and a EndNote Facebook Group.

Writing the thesis

All thesis must be delivered in a set format and lay-out. When you write your thesis you can save valuable time if you structure it by using the guidelines and the template provided by SUM from the beginning. Number of pages: 90-130 excluding front page, index, appendix and bibliography).

SUM Master Thesis Template

SUM Template Guide

Reading room

The reading room on SUM's 4th floor is reserved CES students. Read more about the reading room and apply for a work desk on the SUM reading room website.

Printing and submitting the thesis

The deadline to be guaranteed an oral examination within the same semester is 15 May/1 November 2017. Please note the following:

- If you submit your thesis *15 May/1 November 2017*, you are guaranteed an oral defense date within the current semester.

- If you submit your thesis *1 June*, we will do our utmost to arrange your oral defense as soon as possible, but we can’t guarantee that it will be within the spring semester.

- If you are not able to submit your thesis *within 1 June/1 November*, you must apply for an extra semester. The deadline to apply for an extra semester is 1 June/December. The application must include a work schedule for completion of the master's thesis approved and signed by your supervisor. Further information and application form is available here. NB! For international students, specific conditions may apply.

Please note that your admission to the master's programme will be revoked if you do not submit your thesis according to the rules and regulations cited above.

These are the steps to follow when submitting the thesis:

printer friendly checklist (in PDF)

To do Resource
  • Make sure that you have followed the guidelines of the SUM master thesis template
  • Make sure that you have centered the UiO-logo on the front page in the template (now it’s a bit off-centre, to the right)
  • Check that your table of contents is updated
  • Check that you’re not missing any references in your list of references
  • Save the finished thesis as a PDF file.
  • Print out the thesis in PDF and revise that everything looks fine.

SUM Master Thesis Template

SUM Template Guide

How to make a pdf. file

  • Write a summary of the thesis (maximum 1 page), and prepare a few keywords that describe it.

The keywords will be searchable in the DUO open research archive and the Internet when the thesis is published, and will make it easier for those interested to find your thesis.

SUM in the DUO open research archive (for inspiration)
  • Submit your thesis to the University of Oslo's open research archive (DUO) through StudentWeb.
  • Print out the submission receipt you receive on e-mail.

StudentWeb/DUO submission manual

Information about submitting to DUO

  • Fill in the SUM cover page template and save as a pdf file.
SUM cover page template
  • Send the two pdf.files (the thesis and the cover page) by e-mail to the study coordinator (e-mail
  • Remember to state whether you would like to have your thesis printed in color. If you would like to have some pages printed in color, list the page numbers chronologically.

Sending your thesis and the cover page to will constitute the evidence of handing in your thesis in time. The study coordinator will then send the thesis for printing at Reprosentralen.

SUM covers the cost of 10 copies: 4 are sent to and kept by SUM (for the supervisor, examiners and a display copy), while the remaining 6 is for the student (must be collected at Reprosentralen). SUM will notify you as soon as the thesis is printed and can be collected. Any colored pages and additional copies are at your own expense.

Form for submission of Master´s Thesis
  • Submit the Form of submission and the email receipt from DUO/StudentWeb to the student advisor at SUM (alternatively, you may send them by mail to Anne-Line Sandåker, SUM, P.O. Box 1116 Blindern, 0317 OSLO).


Oral exam

When the thesis is submitted, a Commission will be appointed to examine the thesis. The student will be informed by email of the date for the exam and the make-up of the Commission. The Commission will consist of one in-house and one external examiner. The Commission may ask the supervisor beforehand whether she or he wishes to provide the Commission any information on the candidate or the research, but the supervisor does not participate in the exam.

The oral exam will take place at SUM. At the agreed upon time for the exam, the two examiners meet briefly to discuss the written thesis. The quality is assessed and the examiners agree on a provisional grade. After the committee’s initial discussion, the candidate is called in and examined. The student should be prepared to answer questions about the thesis content and preparation. The exam will normally take 45-60 minutes. The examination is conducted in English. The quality of the candidate’s performance in the exam contributes to the final grade for the thesis.

After the exam is completed, the Commission will determine a grade for the thesis, which will be given to the student at the end of the session. You will also receive a written explanation of the grade which has been awarded. You should familiarize yourself with UiO grading system's general, qualitative descriptions of the criteria used in the assessment of examinations.

You can appeal against your grade or any formal errors relating to the examination. Please see the information website on explanations and appeals.

The final Masters Diploma will be sent to the address the student has registered in StudentWeb.

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