The Oslo-SDG Initiative

Building on existing projects and track record, the Oslo-SDG Initiative will foster a strengthened commitment to research for sustainable development. In addition to long-term academic research on issues related to the SDG agenda, the Oslo-SDG Initiative will encourage research on the transformations required for SDG implementation.

About the group

Addressing the wide range of complex global challenges put forward by the SDGs requires a strong commitment from universities across the world. Sustainable development lies at the core of the Centre for Development and the Environment’s (SUM) research and education activities, as the Centre was established in 1990 in response to the report Our Common Future. Since then, SUM has promoted interdisciplinary research and education on the challenges and dilemmas posed by sustainable development, combining insights from social and natural sciences as well as humanities.

In order to address and contribute to the 2030 agenda, SUM has now established the Oslo-SDG Initiative, directed by Professor Dan Banik.

In addition to meeting the demand for SDG-related education, the initiative will also play a key role in informing policymaking through evidence-based research, as well as facilitating cross-sectorial dialogue and partnerships for the implementation of Agenda 2030. Thus, the Oslo-SDG Initiative will serve as a hub for education, research, outreach and dissemination related to the Sustainable Development Goal Agenda.

Current Research

Read more about our research priorities here.

Academic programmes and courses

The Oslo-SDG Initiative will provide students with knowledge, skills and motivation that will mobilize commitment and action towards the SDGs. Key outputs will include:

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