Mirjam Teresia Ingeborg Artmar Aanensen


Master's programme in Development, Environment and Cultural Change


Tentativ tittel: What is needed for knowledge to be communicated to make a trustworthy regulation over the arctic char in Svalbard?

I will look at how knowledge about the arctic char is found and how it is communicated from the icy waters on Svalbard to the legislative authority and back to the local fishers. What kind of knowledge is valid? I have interviewed local fishers and participated in a fieldwork where the status of the char stock in Linnévannet was assessed. I am trying to find out what is needed in the communication to make sure that fishing is done with care for the Arctic char in this “untouched” nature on Svalbard.


Karen Lykke Syse

Film fra feltarbeid


Publisert 7. sep. 2018 13:47 - Sist endret 7. sep. 2018 14:16