Kylie Ann Wrigley


Arne Næss stipend

Masterstudent Development, Environment and Cultural Change, SUM, UiO


Tentativ tittel: The social construction of the low carbon transition: A study of discourse and the degrowth movement in Australia


This research will examine the discourses drawn on by advocates of the degrowth movement in constructing imaginings of a sustainable future, in Australia. The research asks: what characterises the discourses within the degrowth movement in attempt to narrate a compelling story and alternative for a sustainable future? This will bring into focus the storylines and techniques adopted across the degrowth movement. Furthermore, it asks: if and how are degrowth actors producing a cohesive and appealing story?


Kristian Bjørkdahl

Emneord: Arne Næss
Publisert 11. feb. 2019 14:57 - Sist endret 11. sep. 2019 11:09