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Besøksadresse Sognsveien 68 None 0855 OSLO
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  • Koordinering av Norsk nettverk for Latin-Amerika-forskning (NorLARNet)
  • Redigering av NorLARNets nettside


  • Cand.polit. fra Universitetet i Bergen; hovedfag i sosialantropologi
  • Bistands- og menneskerettighetsarbeid i Kirkens Nødhjelp, Redd Barna, Det norske menneskerettighetsfond og FN (Guatemala)


  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2014). Controlling diarrhea and dengue diseases in rural primary schools in Colombia.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2014). Democracy loses in Venezuela.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2014). Quo vadis, Brazil? Dilma Rousseff’s narrow victory in the 2014 president elections – 51.64 percent against Aécio Neves’ 48.36 percent – offers more questions than answers.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2014). The state where the violence came to a halt.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2013). The Impacts of Genetically Modified Organisms on ecosystems: A Norwegian-Brazilian research project discovers worrisome consequences of the use of GMO.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2013). The challenges of implementing REDD in Bolivia.
  • Berge, Erik & Barcena, Alicia (2013). The Decade of Inequality reduction in Latin America: Reasons, lessons and questions of sustainability.
  • Berge, Erik & Hellinger, Daniel (2013). After Chávez: international political, energy and security implications of Venezuela’s presidential succession.
  • Berge, Erik & Lanzaro, Jorge (2013). A New Generation of Social Democratic Governments in Latin America: Brazil, Chile and Uruguay (2000-2010) in Comparative Perspective.
  • Berge, Erik & Lomnitz, Claudio (2013). After ten months with President Peña Nieto, has Mexico changed?.
  • Berge, Erik & Navia, Patricio (2013). 40 years after the coup in Chile: national and international implications.
  • Berge, Erik & Ramirez-Orozco, Mario (2013). Constructing peace in Colombia.
  • Berge, Erik & Singer, André (2013). Achievements, directions and challenges of the social transformations in Brazil.
  • Berge, Erik & Singer, André (2013). Lula + 10: Achievements, directions and challenges of the social transformations in Brazil.
  • Berge, Erik & Sveaas, Nora (2013). Past Human Rights Violations in Latin America and the Right to Redress.
  • Berge, Erik & Ødegaard, Cecilie Gro Vindal (2013). Religion, Poverty and Politics.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2012). Gaining insight in to Mexican and Venezuelan society through film.
  • Berge, Erik & Briscoe, Ivan (2012). Re-thinking security and drugs in the Americas: the Guatemalan proposal for decriminalization and beyond.
  • Berge, Erik & Bull, Benedicte (2012). Another Avatar in the Andes? Politics and socio-environmental conflicts in Humala’s Peru..
  • Berge, Erik & Bull, Benedicte (2012). Fair play in Rio? – Film & public debate.
  • Berge, Erik & Bull, Benedicte (2012). Latinamerikanske utfordringer.
  • Berge, Erik & Bull, Benedicte (2012). The NorLARNet conference: Collaborators or contenders? Norwegian business, politics and research in Latin America.
  • Berge, Erik & Coco, Myriam Daniele (2012). Education and Literature in Identity and Citizenship Development in the Caribbean.
  • Berge, Erik & Dall’Anese, Francisco (2012). Countering organized crime – and innovative UN response.
  • Berge, Erik & Dussel, Enrique (2012). Poverty, religion and social justice: the Latin American contributions.
  • Berge, Erik & Dussel, Enrique (2012). Religion, development and social justice: the Latin American contributions.
  • Berge, Erik & Edelman, Nathan (2012). Latin America’s New Drug Policy initiatives.
  • Berge, Erik; Falcón, Romana & Meyer, Lorenzo (2012). Mexico – from authoritarianism to where?.
  • Berge, Erik & Fortín, Carlos (2012). Can aid reduce inequality? Lessons from Latin America.
  • Berge, Erik & Heitmann, Trond (2012). Health and social inequality in Brazil and Norway.
  • Berge, Erik & Hopenhayn, Martin (2012). Latin America in the future.
  • Berge, Erik & Kevin, Middlebrook (2012). Back to the past or into the future? Perspectives on the Mexican presidential elections.
  • Berge, Erik & Mascarenhas, Gilmar (2012). Rio de Janeiro: What will be the ’Olympic’ impact?.
  • Berge, Erik & Rebours, Celine (2012). Organization and management of seaweed resources in Latin America.
  • Berge, Erik & Rettberg, Angelika (2012). Colombia after a peace Agreement: What role for Europe and Latin America?.
  • Berge, Erik & Ribeiro Guimarães, Paulo Roberto (2012). Brasil-Norway - partnerships in areas of strategic interest.
  • Berge, Erik & Sánchez-Garzoli, Gimena (2012). Colombia – Is Santos Different from Uribe? President Juan Manuel Santos’ human rights, labor rights and drugs policies.
  • Berge, Erik & Schirmer, Jennifer (2012). Together for Peace in Colombia.
  • Berge, Erik & Smilde, David (2012). Presidential election in Venezuela – what is at stake?.
  • Berge, Erik & Sæbø, Johan (2012). Building collaborative networks around open source health systems in Latin America.
  • Berge, Erik & Tafjord, Bjørn Ola (2012). Norsk misjon i Latin-Amerika.
  • Bull, Benedicte & Berge, Erik (2012). Latin-Amerika mot en mer fredelig region? Fremskritt og utfordringer.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2011). Co-operative or coyote? Choice of sales channel for small scale coffee producers in Central America.
  • Berge, Erik (ed.) (2011). The Argentinian post-electoral prospect after Kirchner, Cristina.
  • Berge, Erik & Cordoba, Piedad (2011). Is Peace Possible in Colombia?.
  • Berge, Erik & Eggebø, Olav (2011). Working lives, praying lives.
  • Berge, Erik & Portales, Carlos (2011). Current relations between USA and Latin America.
  • Bull, Benedicte & Berge, Erik (2009). Den glemte voldsbølgen/ The forgotten wave of violence. Vis sammendrag

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