Public Acceptance of BioFuels and Renewable Energy

Open webinar organized by three national centres and project consortia: Include, Bio4Fuels and 4Refinery

Bildet kan inneholde: gjøre, reklame, merke, jobb.

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  • 14:00 Welcome
    Duncan Akporiaye, SINTEF Bio4Fuels Centre Director
  • 14:05 Public acceptance issues related to biofuels and other issues of proper engagement, social consequences of premises of certain approaches
    Søren Løkke, University of Aalborg
  • 14:20 Wider issues of social acceptance in the energy transition including other aspects (ethical, etc) with learnings from cases
    Tanja Winther, FME INCLUDE / University of Oslo
  • 14:35 Quantitative modelling and representation of social acceptance Approaches, challenges and future outlooks
    Oskar Vågerö, University of Oslo / FME INCLUDE
  • 14:50 Break
  • 15:00 Acceptance for biofuels as a climate solution
    Anne Marit Post Melbye, Zero
  • 15:15 Biofuels views from Adesso BioProducts AB/AS, the largest producer in Norway
    Lars Lind, Adesso Bioproducts
  • 15:30 How can we better engage and communicate with the context of bioenergy?
    Zoe Harris, University of Surrey
  • 15:45 Q and A
  • 15:55 Concluding remarks
Publisert 21. jan. 2022 15:25 - Sist endret 21. jan. 2022 15:25