Publikasjoner 2017

Publikasjoner relatert til norsk forskning på Asia fra 2017, i synkende kronologisk rekkefølge.

Robert S. Ross, Øystein Tunsjø (red.): Strategic Adjustment and the Rise of China: Power and Politics in East Asia, Cornell University Press, 2017.


Francesca R. Jensenius: Social Justice Through Inclusion: The Consequences of Electoral Quotas in India. Oxford University Press, 2017.


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Sunniva Engh, Jo Inge Bekkevold: ”Silk Road Diplomacy: China’s Strategic Interests in South Asia” i boken South Asia and the Great Powers: International Relations and Regional Security av Stein Rynning (red.). I.B.Tauris, 2017.


Ulrikke Wethal: ”Workplace Regimes in Sino-Mozambican Construction Projects: Resentment and Tension in a Divided Workplace”. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 9. mai, 2017.


Ulrikke Wethal: ”Passive Hosts or Demanding Stakeholders? Understanding Mozambique’s Negotiating Power in the Face of China”. Forum for Development Studies, 28. april, 2017.


Dag-Erik Berg: “Race as a Political Frontier Against Caste: WCAR, Dalits and India’s Foreign Policy”. Journal of International Relations and Development, årgang 14, utgave 54.


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Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Alf Gunvald Nilsen: ”Law Struggles, Lawmaking, and the Politics of Hegemony in Neoliberal India: Towards a Critical Perspective on the 2013 Land Acquisition Act” i The Land Question in India: State, Dispossession, and Capitalist Transition. Anthony P. D'Costa, Achin Chakraborty (red.). Oxford University Press, 2017.


Tereza Kuldova, Mathew A. Varghese (red.): ”Urban Utopias: Excess and Expulsion in Neoliberal South Asia”, med bidrag av bl.a. Tereza Kuldova, Kenneth Bo Nielsen og Solano Jose Savio Da Silva, og Øivind Fuglerud. Palgrave Studies in Urban Anthropology, 2017.


Tom Røseth: ”Russia’s Energy Relations with China: Passing the Strategic Threshold?”. Eurasian Geography and Economics, mars, 2017.


Iselin Frydenlund: ”Religious Liberty for Whom? The Buddhist Politics of Religious Freedom during Myanmar's Transition to Democracy”. Nordic Journal of Human Rights, årgang 35, nr. 1, 2017.


Jan Erik Christensen: ”Confucianism, food, and sustainability”. Asian Philosophy, årgang 27, nr. 1, 2017.


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Luky Djani, Olle Törnquist, Osmar Tanjung, Surya Tjandra: ”Dilemmas of Populist Transactionalism What Are the Prospects Now for Popular Politics in Indonesia?”. PolGov Publishing, 2017.


Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr: ”Navigation, Circumvention and Brokerage: The Tricks of the Trade of Developing NGOs in China”. The China Quarterly, februar, 2017.


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Geir Heierstad”Caste, Entrepreneurship and the Illusions of Tradition: Branding the Potters of Kolkata”. Anthem Press, 2017.

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