Tidligere vinnere av Asianettverkets mastergradskonkurranse

Her er en liste over tidligere vinnere av Asianettverkets konkurranse for beste mastergradsoppgave om et asiatisk tema.

2017: Kaja Berg Hjukse: "Exploring Health Systems from Below: Childbirth in Peri-Urban Myanmar"

2017: Erling Torvid Hagen Agøy: "Portrayal of Foreigners in Traditional Chinese History and Literature"

2016: Gunnar Sjøstedt: "Cultivating Confucian Virtues Through Buddhist Meditation The «Meditation Essentials» in Yuán Huáng’s program of self-cultivation"

2015: Rowan Edward Parry: “Cosmopolitanism with Chinese Characteristics: Explorations of Localized Universality”

2015: Jostein Jakobsen: “Vicissitudes of Revolution: Maoist Conflict in Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, India, 1990-2007”

2008: Ganzorig Davaa-Ochir: "Oboo Worship:The Worship of Earth and Water Divinities in Mongolia"

2007: Audhild Kennedy: "Born of my heart : a study of the process of unrelated adoption in Delhi"

2005: Ivo Spira: "Chinese Translations of the Qur'ān: A Close Reading of Selected Passages"

2004: Unn Målfrid Rolandsen: "In Pursuit of Education: Attitudes Towards Education in a Rural Chinese Township"

2004: Anders Opaker: "Prospects for Democracy in China: A Habermasian Analysis of Political Participation in Post-Mao Urban China"

2003: Silje Sjøvaag Skeie: "Learning Through Entertainment – A Study of the Usage of the Entertainment Education Strategy Among Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam"

2002: Ram Eivind Gupta: "A Shift in Dharma: Changes in Conceptualisations of Faith Among Second-Generation Hindus in Oslo"

2002: Ingvild Solvang: "'Vagrants Cannot Have Success': Street Youth as Cultural Agents in Yogyakarta, Java"

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