Seminar: Entering the End-game: China and Tibet

China Autonomy Programme ved Senter for menneskerettigheter (SFM) og Asianettverket inviterer til seminar med tibetologen Robert Barnett fra Columbia University.

Views among outside observers about China's current situation overall and about the aims of the current leadership vary widely. Everyone agrees that we are seeing an unusually aggressive suppression of civic rights and intellectuals there, but there is no consensus about what this means in terms of the overall situation. Meanwhile, in Tibet conditions have become increasingly difficult to define as information becomes harder to obtain, access becomes more limited. As the Dalai Lama enters his final years, will there be any movement by the Chinese authorities towards a settlement with him? This talk looks at ways outside commentators are reading and misreading China's policies on Tibet, and on what this might mean for the future.

Robert Barnett er Director, Modern Tibet Studies Program, ved Columbia University


Open for all!


Asianettverket og Senter for menneskerettigheter (SFM)
Emneord: Asia, Tibet
Publisert 20. mars 2015 13:20 - Sist endret 9. nov. 2015 14:07