Informal Lecture: Fortynine Years of China Studies (The Network of Asian Studies' Summer Meeting)

Harald Bøckman, who served as coordinator of the Network for Asia Studies from 1996 to his retirement in 2015, has been academically anchored in Sinology. Youthful irresponsibility misled him into Chinese studies in 1966, the year Chinese language was established as an academic discipline in Norway. At the time, studying Chinese was widely regarded as politically suspect by many, and as an entrance to various forms of utopia by others. In fact, it was hard work.  

The field of Chinese studies has changed greatly over the years, as have the preconditions for such studies. Not only has China become widely accessible for closer studies, but the country has become the mover and shaker of world affairs. The talk will give some glimpses into a personal, political and academic journey that has lasted almost fifty years.

The Network for Asian Studies has the pleasure of inviting you to our open summer meeting on June 3rd, at 1:15 PM. At the meeting we present the award for best MA-thesis for 2014/2015; Harald Bøckman will give an informal lecture on a lifetime in Chinese studies; we present our autumn programme for 2015; and we serve refreshments!

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