CANCELLED: Blurring the Lines Between Aid And Business: The Chinese Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre In Zimbabwe

This seminar is unfortunately cancelled due to illness.


Dr. Tang Lixia will give a talk about Chinese Agriculture Technology Demonstration Centre (ATDC) in Zimbabwe.

Chinese Agriculture Technology Demonstration Centres in Africa (ATDC) are designed to be aid programs operated by business-driven entities to achieve “assisted sustainability”. This design requires Chinese staff to perform dual roles as aid workers and businessmen, leading to blurred identities and roles among Chinese actors, and misunderstandings among local Zimbabwean partners. This blurred line between aid and business has created misperceptions, tensions as well as action strategies of different actors.

The primary rational of the design to achieve sustainability thus undoubtedly encountered complex realities. However, ATDC Model has also presented an alternative model which deserves further empirical examination.


Dr. Tang Lixia is Associate Professor at the Department of Development Studies, College of Humanities and Development Studies, China Agricultural University.

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