Network for Asian Studies annual MA course

Are you writing your master thesis on an Asia related topic? Would you like to meet other students doing the same, as well as receive feedback on your work? The Norwegian Network for Asian Studies is organising its annual course for MA students in December and anyone writing about Asia is welcome to join.

The course consists of a combination of inspiring lectures by the course leaders and the students' own presentations of their MA projects. The students will receive detailed comments on their projects, both from the course leaders and the other participants.

The course is free and open for students across the country. It is also possible to apply for travel grants if you are traveling far. You are welcome to join no matter how far you are in the writing process.

To apply, send an email with a two page project synopsis to

Application deadline: November 24th.

Program to be announced. For further information, please contact Kjersti Litleskare at

Course leaders:

Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Network for Asian Studies

Arve Hansen, Network for Asian Studies

Guro S. Samuelsen, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS), University of Oslo

Kjersti Litleskare, Network for Asian Studies


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