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  • horse Art as Vehicles of Propaganda and Dissent in Asian History 28. mai 2019 14:15

    Themes of propaganda and/or dissent/lament can be difficult to identify outside of one’s own culture. A tranquil Chinese garden scene may be just the opposite, reinforcing Confucian beliefs in social hierarchies and patriarchal teachings.

  • asianet-660x400 ASIANET: The Asian Century 6. juni 2019 00:00

    The 21st Century is Asia’s Century. At the ASIANET 2019 conference, we analyse the rise of Asia along three axes: the economy and global power balance; the environment and resource politics; and social, political and ideological change.

  • logo-asianettverket Nyhetsbrev uke 21 24. mai 2019 01:34

    Asianettverkets nyhetsbrev – Uke 21, 2019

    Weekly Newsletter from the Network for Asian Studies – Week 21, 2019

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