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Bilde av griser
Publisert 25. juni 2021 11:10

Reportasjen «Griseindustriens brutte løfter» har rystet Norge og satt dyrs lidelser på dagsorden. Virkningene av reportasjen ser ut til å være individualisering av ansvar. Men problemet er mer sammensatt og bunner i måten vi produserer mat.

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Publisert 8. des. 2020 11:08

The manifold techniques and technologies deployed for repression, control and domination have long been a staple interest for political ecologists and scholars of agrarian change. As the noted theorist of global capitalism William I. Robinson, releases his latest book The Global Police State, there is reason to pay attention.

Bildet kan inneholde: gruvedrift, anleggsutstyr, geologisk fenomen, kjøretøy.
Publisert 7. feb. 2020 10:11

While India has become a hotspot for renewable energy investments, a new Indian coal geography has also emerged since the early 2000s. Its materialisation promises to lock India into continued reliance on coal for the foreseeable future, with a concomitant rise in carbon emissions. In part one of this two-part series, we look at the big picture of India’s new coal geography and its impact.

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Publisert 27. nov. 2019 10:21

Filosofen Byung-Chul Hans bok Pscychopolitics: Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power utforsker framvoksende former for kontroll og styring. Dette er kritisk teori for dagens teknologiske verdensorden.

Bildet kan inneholde: grønn, protest, offentlig arrangement, begivenhet, banner.
Publisert 11. nov. 2019 14:30

Bernie’s Green New Deal (GND) is not a clear-cut green capitalist swindle. Instead, it is an impressive environmental policy vision that retains serious miscalculations that demand immediate consideration and redress.

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Publisert 2. okt. 2019 12:47

Throughout Central America, irregular rainfall coupled with unusually high temperatures is placing additional stresses on already compromised environments. Consistent to the literature on climate change and its associated impacts, storms in the region have become increasingly intense, dropping as much as a month’s worth of rainfall in a single day. Yet for the majority of locations the isolated nature of these storms has led to record-long dry-spells.

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