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Publisert 19. des. 2017 10:41

Being part of a food cooperative connects people in the city to farmers - and to the food system.

Publisert 3. okt. 2017 23:15

In the shadow of the US' mistakes and historically low reputation in Latin America, Russia and China fights for resources and influence, The roles are divided in this game of giants: the US is the elephant in the china store, china is the elephant on clay feet while China's further strategy is still the elephant in the room, argues this article in Norwegian originally published in Dagsavisen on October 19.

Publisert 2. okt. 2017 10:55

Dramatic news from Venezuela have reached even the northern corner of Europe – Norway – more intensely this summer than before. Even in far-away Norway we have had polarized and harsh debates over Venezuela for years, and even seen from here a real dialogue between the parties in the conflict seems like pure utopia. Yet less so after NorLARNet's recent events. Here is an attempted summary of points that came up during those events that may serve as ideas for further conversations.

- Litteraturen må gjøre noe annet enn å vise frem karakterer som lengter tilbake til en uberørt natur. Foto: Lucas Allmann via Pexels
Publisert 2. okt. 2017 09:31

Kan litteraturen gi oss rikere fremstillinger av klimaendringene enn vitenskapen?

Typcial example of third wave coffee; the hand brewed coffee. Photo: Dennis Tang via Flickr.
Publisert 29. sep. 2017 11:27

Oslo has become a global hub for speciality coffee. Have you tried third wave coffee?