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Publisert 11. nov. 2019 14:30

Bernie’s Green New Deal (GND) is not a clear cut green capitalist swindle. Instead, it is an impressive environmental policy vision that retains serious miscalculations that demand immediate consideration and redress.

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Publisert 29. okt. 2019 10:13

Hvordan endres landskap og samfunn i møte med turisme? Hva kan Flå i Hallingdal fortelle oss om denne utviklingen? Nå kan du bli med på et nytt forskningsprosjekt som tar opp disse spørsmålene.

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Publisert 11. okt. 2019 11:42

I was thrilled to be back in my home city of Maracay at the beginning of this year when I went to Venezuela for fieldwork. It had been over 4 years since I had been in the country. During those four years –as the central bank statistics later confirmed – the economy had shrunk more than half, and millions of people had left the desperate conditions.

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Publisert 2. okt. 2019 12:47

Throughout Central America, irregular rainfall coupled with unusually high temperatures is placing additional stresses on already compromised environments. Consistent to the literature on climate change and its associated impacts, storms in the region have become increasingly intense, dropping as much as a month’s worth of rainfall in a single day. Yet for the majority of locations the isolated nature of these storms has led to record-long dry-spells.

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Publisert 25. sep. 2019 10:16

The Green New Deal has serious implications for rural landscapes. In fact, GND is not all that “green” and risks exaggerating extractive activities.