SUM-forskere i media - Side 9

Dan Banik
Publisert 21. jan. 2021 14:09

– The success of this ambitious vaccine drive may well boil down to the legitimacy of the Indian state and the extent to which citizens trust their government to provide a safe vaccine in these troubling times, writes Banik.

Dan Banik
Publisert 7. jan. 2021 10:57

– The resource curse refers to a paradox: countries that are naturally endowed with an abundance of natural resources are often unable to effectively use these resources to achieve economic development, writes Banik.

Publisert 5. jan. 2021 13:25

– Trump respekterer ikke interne demokratiske institusjoner, og har derfor ingen troverdighet som demokratiforkjemper i Venezuela, sier Benedicte Bull i et lengre intervju om blant annet sanksjoner, og rollen til USA og Norge i Venezuela.

Dan Banik
Publisert 5. jan. 2021 12:46

– This has by all means been a difficult year. The pandemic has not only wreaked havoc on our lives, it has also upended much of the developmental progress that had been achieved in the past few decades, writes Dan Banik.

Dan Banik
Publisert 5. jan. 2021 12:43

– For the time being, let us celebrate the fact that while democracy regressed in 80 countries between the start of the Covid pandemic and the month of September, the only place where it improved was Malawi, writes Dan Banik.