SUM-forskere i media - Side 11

Dan Banik
Publisert 2. juli 2020 09:57

– On the day the President and the Vice-President were sworn in, I asked my Malawian friends and colleagues (not a representative sample by any means) to reflect on the issues that the government ought to prioritise in the coming months, writes Banik.

Dan Banik
Publisert 25. juni 2020 09:48

– This election has offered the country with a unique opportunity to consolidate democracy and charter a new course for economic growth and development, writes Dan Banik.

Publisert 19. juni 2020 09:07

– Zooms kinesiske hovudselskap etterfylgde i førre veke den kinesiske regjeringa sitt pålegg om å stengja ned tre minnemarkeringar om Tiananmen-hendingane i 1989 som tema - fordi dei også hadde kinesiske deltakarar og fordi dei tilsynelatande «overtrådte kinesisk lov». Slikt er meir enn problematisk for fri akademisk meiningsutveksling, slår Harald Bøckman fast.

Dan Banik
Publisert 18. juni 2020 09:54

– The historic Constitutional Court judgement from February of this year, which annulled the 2019 elections, gave many Malawians renewed hope in the intrinsic value of democratic freedoms as well as the instrumental role democracy can play in promoting and achieving much-needed (and much-delayed) economic and social development, writes Banik.

Dan Banik
Publisert 12. juni 2020 09:52

So, if you are interested in democracy, poverty eradication, sustainable development and climate change, In Pursuit of Development is your go-to podcast for a deeper understanding of the politics of global development.