2020 - Side 4

Dan Banik
Publisert 27. aug. 2020 08:53

– Around a decade and a half ago, the main providers of news were television, radio, the print media and the Internet. Since then social media channels have multiplied and the readership of daily newspapers and the viewership of television channels have undergone major upheavals, writes Banik.

Dan Banik
Publisert 25. aug. 2020 16:16

There are growing signs that the aid relationship between the Global South and Global North is changing fast. Many traditional Western donors are re-evaluating the role of aid while keeping a close eye on their own national interests. These changes may not be all bad, but are these the opportunities for Africa?

Dan Banik
Publisert 25. aug. 2020 08:41

– The Black Lives Matter movement in the past few months has rekindled a demand by Civil Society Organisations in the Global South for greater equity and justice in the field of aid and development cooperation, writes Dan Banik.

Publisert 14. aug. 2020 14:19

– Avokadoen er en relativt dyr frukt, og det har lenge vært et problem med tyveri fra trærne til avokadodyrkerne. I området der det dyrkes mest avokado i Mexico, er staten som ordensmakt veldig svak. Området har lenge vært kontrollert av ulike grupper av organiserte kriminelle. De begynte etter hvert å tilby «beskyttelse» mot tyveri til avokadobøndene, sier Bull.

Dan Banik
Publisert 4. aug. 2020 10:50

– As the Cold War began to ratchet up tensions around the world, the French demographer Alfred Suvy reflected, in a widely read article published in 1952, on how one planet could be categorised into “three worlds”, writes Banik.

Dan Banik
Publisert 4. aug. 2020 10:48

– Replicating the Norwegian model of extensive economic incentives and battery charging infrastructure on roads may be difficult for many countries, writes Banik.

Dan Banik
Publisert 4. aug. 2020 10:45

– Given the size and importance of the informal economy in most low-income countries, where large parts of the population are not covered by social protection programmes, a temporary basic income would enable individuals and their families to stay at home while giving governments the tools to effectively enforce periodic lockdowns and help local businesses, writes Banik.

Publisert 27. juli 2020 14:20

Siden 1959 har Den inter-amerikanske utviklingsbanken (IDB) vært den viktigste kilden til utviklingsfinansiering for de fattigste landene i Latin-Amerika. I alle disse årene har det vært en hevdvunnet, uskreven regel at bankens øverste leder skulle være fra et latinamerikansk land. Men nå kan den 60-årige styringstradisjonen stå for fall, skriver Bull.