2019 - Side 2

Publisert 1. nov. 2019 09:42

Urix: Mange spådde hans fall, men Venezuelas sterke mann president Maduro er langt fra tvunget i kne. Hverken amerikanske sanksjoner, internasjonal fordømmelse eller knallharde demonstrasjoner på hjemmebane har så langt fått ham fjernet. Tvert i mot - den siste tiden har han festet grepet om makten.

Publisert 28. okt. 2019 17:34

— By encouraging the use of e-bikes and phasing out traditional motorcycles in its taxi sector, Rwanda is pursuing an ambitious green economy strategy, writes Banik.

Publisert 28. okt. 2019 17:33

– What type of strategy should policymakers in these countries pursue? Rather than relying on ad-hoc, short-term and costly arrangements, the need of the hour is to demonstrate genuine political leadership and investigate the potential of long-term and sustainable alternatives of power generation, including investments in renewable energy, writes Banik. 

Publisert 22. okt. 2019 16:44

I Chile økte billettprisen på metroen med 4 prosent og folk gikk av skaftet i gatene. Hva er det som ligger under - når 40 øre ekstra setter landet i brann?

Publisert 17. okt. 2019 10:53

— Depuis le scrutin, il y a eu une augmentation des violences, et c'est quelque chose de nouveau, explique-t-il. De nombreuses informations font état de violences, d'arrestations arbitraires de militants, d'attaques contre des personnes. Et d'ailleurs, ça ne vient pas que des forces de l'ordre. Par exemple le policier qui est mort a été lynché par la foule.

Publisert 8. okt. 2019 22:20

— By adopting confrontational approaches that challenge powerholders, CSOs may strengthen and protect the rights of citizens. However, if citizens begin to view CSOs to be all-important, such activities may also risk damaging the legitimacy of a weak state, writes Banik.

Publisert 27. sep. 2019 11:17

— While all such rankings must be taken with a pinch of salt, and there are numerous challenges related to the quality of available data, they nonetheless can provide a useful benchmark for countries to compare their performance with others and identify areas of strength and weakness, writes Banik, on the The Social Progress Index for 2019.

Publisert 20. sep. 2019 10:09

– Beijing’s air has improved significantly in the past five years and the city will most likely drop out of the list of the world’s 200 most polluted cities in 2019. This is particularly impressive since Beijing was ranked the 52nd most polluted city in the world in 2016. So, what worked, and why?

asks Banik.