Welcome to the new master's students!

This year we are finally welcoming all the students back to the lecture rooms

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The first day at SUM for the new group masters students. 

It's good to be back

This year we are finally welcoming all students back to our premises in Nydalen, Oslo. The students come from a large variety of countries: USA, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Bangladesh, France, Russia, Denmark and Norway. 

We  are finally getting back to that 'SUM-feeling' of being a diverse international group that we are striving to achieve. The start of the term has so far been marked by a real sense of joy and optimism among both students and staff, says Kristian Bjørkdahl, the head of teaching at SUM. 

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Kristin Charlotte Talgø is one of the new masters students, here pictured during  the first day of the semester. 

The students also emphasize the importance of being able to meet in person and socialize with fellow students. 

- I am super exited to get back to talking face to face. One of the things I'm looking forward to this year is to be able to make new connections in person, says Kristin Talgø. 

Why did you choose SUM?

Kristin, who has previously studied social work and journalism, is keen to use her background and combine it with her interest in climate change, food security and gender issues. 

SUM offers a lot variety and options. When I started reading about the master's course, it instantly resonated with me, says Kristin.

Since the master's program was established in 2003, SUM has had consistently high numbers of a applicants, and this year it was one of the most sought after among international applicants to the University of Oslo. 

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Andrew Turner Poeppel is among the international students SUM is happy to welcome this year.  

Andrew Turner Poeppel has come all the way from New York University, where he completed his bachelor's in Environmental Studies. His advisor at NYU had previously worked at the University of Oslo and encouraged Andrew to apply to the SUM master's course. 

Both Kristin and Andrew stress that interdisciplinarity was important when they decided where to continue their studies. 

- Because of what I am engaged in, interdisciplinarity and diversity of perspectives are key, so it's thrilling to finally be here at SUM, says Andrew. 

During his bachelors, Andrew was particularly interested in the history of environmental movements and he hopes to continue developing and expanding his interests over the next two years.

Happy returns!  

SUM is also happy to welcome back the second year students, many of whom have volunteered to be a 'fadder' this week. 

Being able to welcome the students to SUM in person again is just the most amazing feeling! I'm especially proud of all our Buddies and 2nd year students being so keen on welcoming the new students to SUM - a record number of people volunteered to be (both official and unofficial) Buddies, and I think it makes a great difference to the start of the semester. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring, says Gudrun Eikemo Helland, student advisor at SUM. 

Bildet kan inneholde: klær, smil, jeans, anlegg, sko.
Second year students (from left to right) Adrian, Johanne, April, Jenna, Bella, Hanee og Manqobaare are also happy to finally be able to socialize and engage in activities together with the first years this week. 

We wish Kristin, Andrew and the rest of the students welcome to SUM! 

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