Tone Cecilie Faugli

Team leader for National Society Development and Resource Mobilization, Norwegian Red Cross.


Norwegian Red Cross

The Red Cross is a humanitarian organisation whose work is driven by a desire to help others. It is committed to, and bound by, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and acts as the guardian of the Geneva Conventions. Their work is volunteer-based and has local branches throughout Norway, while the Movement has a global reach through its network of volunteers.

Work tasks

Tone Cecilie Faugli's responsibility is to lead a team of advisors working to strengthen local and domestic Red Cross and Red Crescent societies that Norwegian Red Cross partners with.

A day at work for Tone Cecilie may consist of:

  • Recruiting personnel
  • Coaching colleagues
  • Giving comments to project proposals coming from Africa or Asia
  • Developing or commenting on strategies
  • Giving presentations of results or priorities
  • Planning for support visits to partners
  • Following up on missions

SUM Master thesis 

Dilemmas and paradoxes in Results-Based Management (RBM) and Capacity Building: A Case Study of RBM and Capacity-Building Programmes in a Non-Governmental Organization

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