Marte Guttulsrød

Project coordinator in Oikos - Organic Norway.

Photo: Emma Gerritsen


Oikos - Økologisk Norge (Organic Norway) is a Norwegian not-for-profit organisation with the aim of increasing organic consumption and production. Its membership base consists of both farmers and consumers.

Work tasks

Marte Guttulsrød works, together with Alexandra Devik, as a national coordinator for the informal network of the 81 CSAs in Norway. CSA means Community Supported Agriculture, or "andelslandbruk" in Norwegian. The number of Norwegian CSAs has increased rapidly over the past years, and this agricultural model exists in many parts of the world.

She also works with the project Landbrukets ØKOLØFT, a historic collaboration between all the major agricultural organizations in Norway, working to inspire more farmers to start with organic agriculture. Lastly she coordinates the project "Åpen økologisk gård", a project facilitating 30 open events at organic farms all over Norway aiming to increase awareness, knowledge and interest in organic agriculture.

SUM Master thesis

The Battle of Trillemarka : A Study of Narratives Related to the Conservation of Trillemarka-Rollagsfjell Nature Reserve 

Written in collaboration with Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA).

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