Work desk at SUM

SUM has two reading rooms for masters students. One is reserved for CES-students, while the other is for master's students from other UiO masters programs who writes about issues relevant to SUM's research.

Reading room for CES-students

The reading room on SUM's 4th floor is reserved for CES students. All students must comply to the rules for the reading room and kitchen.

Reading room rules


Reading Room for UiO Masters Students

Working at SUM provides you with an interdisciplinary and inspiring student environment. You share the reading room with eight students from other Master´s programmes at UiO and from SUM's own master program Culture Environment and Sustainability (CES). 

If you are granted a reading space, you will receive an appointment for the day you start working at SUM. At the Centre you will be welcomed by the administration and the students and given all the necessary information. You will be assigned a work space with a computer and a spacious shelf for your books. Within the limits made by the Centre’s administration, the students themselves distribute the work places in the reading room according to seniority.

The integration of new students and the development of the social and professional environment among the students at the Centre is very important. You have the opportunity to share your work with other students, and are encouraged to participate at the internal seminars at SUM.


Your application must contain:

1. Project-description (2-3 pages):

  • The approach to the problem, important hypothesis/research questions
  • background, theory
  • method
  • outline of the thesis

2. CV and transcrip of records

3. Your supervisor’s confirmation of how far you have come with your thesis.

The application is assessed based on the quality of the proposal and the relevance of the topic for SUM. The student must have a SUM-researcher as an adviser or co-adviser, or the thesis research topic must be of interest to a researcher at SUM who can be the student´s academic contact person at the Centre.

To ensure an effective use of the student work places, students who have completed their field work and have started writing their thesis will have preference. Half of the students in the reading room should be from other Master´s programmes at the UiO than the CES master. The students do as far as possible come from different disciplines and should be balanced in gender representation.

The contract is made for 6 months. After an evaluation of the student, the student must apply again and may receive a contract for another 6 months. In addition, a student may gain a terminus connection to the centre for a limited period after a further application to the director. This means that you can make use of the student work places which may be vacant from time to time.

Applications from students both from CES and other Master´s programmes at the UiO are accepted throughout the year. Applications should be sent to or

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