Part 3: Governance and rule of law

1: Introduction to part 3

Prof. Dan Banik (March 2020) 

2: Public participation and good governance

Prof. Larry Diamond (Dec. 2014) Transcript

3: NGOs and civil society

Prof. Larry Diamond (Dec. 2014) Transcript

4: Protest movements in Africa

Dr. Boniface Dulani (May 2018) 

5: Citizen fora in Malawi

Dr. Michael Chasukwa (August 2014) Transcript

6: Role of traditional leaders in Africa

Prof. Happy Kayuni (May 2018) 

7: The role of liberation technologies

Prof. Larry Diamond (Dec. 2014) Transcript

8: Human rights and development

Margot Skarpeteig (August 2014) Transcript

9: Initiatives in rule of law

Prof. Erik G. Jensen (Dec. 2014) Transcript

10: In search of democracy

Prof. Larry Diamond (May 2017)

11: Organizing elections in Malawi

Sangwani Mwafulirwa (May 2017)

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