Part 2: Growth and poverty reduction

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1: Introduction to part 2

Prof. Dan Banik (March 2020)  

2: Economic growth and poverty reduction

Prof. Dan Banik (Sept. 2014) Transcript

3: Income inequality in Latin America

Prof. Benedicte Bull (August 2014) Transcript

4: What works in reducing income inequality?

Dr. Alice Evans (Feb. 2018)

5: Major drivers of poverty reduction in China

Prof. Li Xiaoyun (June 2017)

6: TVEs and poverty reduction in China

Prof. Lixia Tang (August 2014) Transcript

7: Social transfers also work in Africa

Prof. Blessings Chinsinga (August 2014) Transcript

8: Crop research and development

Dr. Ola Westengen (August 2014) Transcript

9: From famine to food self-sufficiency

Prof. Blessings Chinsinga (August 2014) Transcript

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