Education for Sustainable Development


The Oslo SDG Initiative contributes to the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) — a Centre of Excellence in Education —  based at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. SHE aims to educate globally anchored health professionals to make sustainable healthcare decisions without compromising future and global needs. This website offers educational resources related to our contribution to SHE's work package 3.

About SHE

SHE advances, promotes and expands education in sustainable health care both nationally and globally. Education is an integral part of the 17 SDGs (notably through SDG 4) and a key enabler of successful SDG implementation (cf. SDG17). By expanding the Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) paradigm using the UNESCO framework, SHE develops, implements and disseminates innovative education strategies providing students and healthcare workers with knowledge and skills needed to incorporate global values and principles into comprehensive medical decisions. 

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