Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization in China

Webinar discussing the recent Chinese white paper on poverty eradication.

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President Xi Jinping addresses the UN General Assembly. Photo: UN/Cia Pak, FlickrCC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

China recently published a white paper outlining how it has tackled one of the most difficult challenges in history — the eradication of extreme poverty. Being home to nearly one fifth of the world's population, the country’s achievement of eradicating extreme poverty is not only a milestone in the history of the Chinese nation, but also holds potential lessons for other countries.

This webinar organised by the Oslo SDG Initiative together with our partner in China — the University of International Business and Ethics in Beijing — will discuss what worked in China, the challenges that remain and how, and the extent to which, other developing countries can learn from the Chinese experience while they plan and implement poverty reduction programmes.


09:00-10:15 Oslo / 15:00-15:05 Beijing Welcome
Prof. Dan Banik, Professor of Political Science, Director of The Oslo SDG Initiative, Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo

09:05-09:20 Oslo / 15:05-15:20 Beijing Keynote: Poverty Alleviation Policies and Practices in China
Dr. Weiping Tan, Deputy Director of International Poverty Reduction Centre in China

09:20-09:35 Oslo / 15:20-15:35 Beijing Reflections on the Chinese experience
Prof. Baocheng Liu, Director of Center for International Business Ethics, University of International Business and Economics
Prof. Youfu Xia, Deputy Dean of Academy of China Open Economy Studies and Executive Director of Center for Strategic Studies of Ministry of Education: Strategy Center for China’s Open Economy and International Technology Cooperation (SCOT), University of International Business and Economics

09:35-09:45 Oslo / 15:35-15:45 Beijing Comments
Hannah Ryder, CEO, Development Reimagined

09:45-10:15 Oslo / 15:45-16:15 Beijing Discussions moderated by Prof Dan Banik

Join us on zoom: https://uio.zoom.us/j/66520925682

Published Apr. 12, 2021 4:02 PM - Last modified Apr. 14, 2021 8:11 AM