Achieving the SDGs in Malawi: Challenges and Opportunities

This roundtable will explore the role of the SDGs as a framework to promote policymaking related to development in Malawi.

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One of the unanswered questions of the SDGs relates to how low-income countries and conflict-prone fragile states will be able to plan, coordinate and fund development programs in line with the goals and aligned with their national interest. And while the private sector in many countries appears to have embraced specific SDGs, there are growing concerns that achieving one target may undermine the achievement of another.

Malawi, although a prioritized aid recipient of many donor countries, continues to face enormous developmental challenges. Recognizing that foreign aid alone cannot close the funding gaps in securing progress towards sustainable development, the role of alternative funding sources, such as domestic tax revenues and private sector finance, assumes crucial importance.

How, and to what extent, have policymakers in Malawi embraced the 2030 Agenda? What has been the impact of SDGs on policy formulation? What are the linkages between aid, taxation and the private sector in securing funding for implementation of the SDGs? And what has been the response from civil society and businesses? What should Malawi do differently to achieve the SDGs?


09:00 - 09:10  Opening remarks
                        Prof. Richard Tambulasi, Principal of Chancellor College, University of Malawi

09:10 - 10:30  Governance and the SDGs

                        Discussion leaders:

                        Prof. Dan Banik, University of Oslo
                        Dr. Happy Kayuni, Chancellor College, University of Malawi
                        Dr. Boniface Dulani, Chancellor College, University of Malawi

                        Comments by Benedicto Kondowe, Executive Director of the Civil Society
                        Coalition on  Quality Basic Education

10.30 - 10:45  Coffee break

10.45 - 12:00  Aid, business and the SDGs

                        Discussion leaders: 

                        Mr. Dalitso Kubalasa, Executive Director, Malawi Economic Justice Network
                        Mr. Henry Kachaje, Managing Director, Business Consult Africa

                        Comments by Dr. Ngeyi Kanyongolo, Chancellor College, University of Malawi

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