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Research topic: Global Health

Global health refers to problems that transcend national borders or that have a global impact

Birthing facility in Burkina Faso

Birthing facility in Burkina Faso. Illustration photo: Katerini Storeng

New transnational challenges

Global health research focuses on the interdependence of the health determinants, the transnational health risks and the policy responses of countries, the role of international organizations and the many other actors in the global health field. 

While economic growth, technological development and globalization have brought unparalleled health and prosperity to some, these benefits have not been evenly distributed, and have come with significant social and ecological costs. More people are living under conditions of extreme poverty, hardship, and disease. 

Changes associated with over-population, pollution, ecosystem degradation, war and conflict, remain a challenge to global health.

SUMs research on global health

Please see the Power and Politics of Global Health research group webpage for more information

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