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Research topic: Food

Food and nutrition security is a complex issue with multiple environmental, social, cultural, political and economic determinants.

It encompasses components of availability, access and utilization but also production, processing, distribution and consumption.

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The globalization of food systems creates a wealth of conflicts and paradoxes, ethical considerations and dilemmas both in the global south and north.

We need to understand the complex patterns shaping what we eat, how we eat, who goes hungry, why they do so and how food production and consumption shapes both planetary and human health.

Research at SUM

Current explanations of food and nutrition security tend to focus either on our food-production system or the culture of consumption.

Researchers at SUM attempt an integrated understanding of food and nutrition security, adopting a more dialectic approach that draws on both global political economy and social and cultural studies.

We propose that to fully grasp the politics, practices and culture of food we need to explore the entire food chain from farm to fork; globally, nationally and locally.

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