Alexander Dunlap: Conclusion: A call to action, toward an energy research

Published in Nadesan MH, Pasqualetti MJ and Keahey J (eds) Energy Democracies for Sustainable Futures, Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2022.

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This chapter, concluding a 36 chapter book, makes a call for an insurrection in energy research, which entails discussing five points to advance energy research in times of socio-ecoloigical crisis. OR "An insurrection within energy research can begin by examining the political ecology of supply-web violence invisibilized by the marketing of the “renewability,” “green,” and “clean” claims of fossil fuel + power plants." OR "Getting to the roots of socio-ecological catastrophe, an insurrection of energy transition begins with researching and supporting post-developmental and degrowth processes that not only deconstruct the costly myths of “renewable energy,” “transition” and “democracy” that mask trends of authoritarianism and epistemic discrimination in the name of “inclusion,” “participation,” and “sustainability.”


Majia Nadesan, Martin Pasqualetti, Jennifer Keahey


Alexander Dunlap 

Postdoctoral Fellow Alexander Dunlap
Postdoctoral Fellow Alexander Dunlap


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