Hege Westskog et.al: The role of community sharing in sustainability transformation: case studies from Norway

Published in Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy, 2021

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Based on three case studies of community sharing in different sectors of society, we address how and under what conditions community sharing can contribute to sustainability transformation. Considering modes of exchange an leverage points, we analyze how community sharing can add to transformation when sharing systems are designed to intervene at both shallow and deep leverage points. Our case studies indicate that sustainability transformations are dynamic processes in which even shallow levels of leverage can affect change. We show that community sharing can be upscaled through restructuring institutions via redistributive exchange systems, while initiatives supported by strong and lasting institutions are in the best position to contribute to change. Furthermore, our results suggest that sharing practices may strengthen ties and trust in an enterprise or local community. Finally, community-sharing systems that build on existing values in line with sustainability transformation may be in the best position to contribute to deeper levers of change.

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Hege Westskog, Tom Erik Julsrud, Steffen Kallbekken, Koen Frenken, Juliet Schor and Karina Standal

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Senior Researcher Hege Westskog 


Published Nov. 4, 2021 2:49 PM - Last modified Nov. 4, 2021 2:50 PM