Alexander Dunlap: Does Renewable Energy Exist? Fossil Fuel+ Technologies and the Search for Renewable Energy

Chapter in the book A critical approach to the social acceptance of renewable energy infrastructures, 2021, Palgrave Macmillan

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A revised version of the “End Green Delusions” essay (Verso, 2018), this chapter argues that there is no such thing as renewable energy, only fossil fuel+. Raw material resource extraction for so-called renewable energy development relates to spreading socio-ecological degradation. Recognizing the supply chain costs for “renewable energy” as well as the socio-ecological impact of implementing wind parks, the chapter contends that fossil fuel+ is a more accurate description of “renewable energy”. Furthermore, it contends that fossil fuel+ infrastructures are breaking ecological and planetary cycles by harnessing the vitality of “renewable resources”. This means widening the lens of renewable energy’s “social acceptance” research to understand the socio-ecological chain of costs for fossil fuel+ development.

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Alexander Dunlap 

Postdoctoral Fellow Alexander Dunlap
Postdoctoral Fellow Alexander Dunlap


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