Arve Hansen, Jo Inge Bekkevold and Kristen Nordhaug (eds): The Socialist Market Economy in Asia: Development in China, Vietnam and Laos

Book published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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Arve Hansen

Jo Inge Bekkevold

Kristen Nordhaug

About this book

This book is intended for policy-makers, academics and students of development studies, area studies, political economy, geography and political science. Three of the best global performers in terms of economic growth are authoritarian states led by communist parties. The ‘socialist market economy’ model employed in China, Vietnam and Laos performs better than the economic systems in countries at a similar level of income per capita on a wide range of development indicators, yet market reforms and governance failures have led to highly unequal societies and significant environmental problems. This book presents the first comparative study of development in these three countries. Written by country experts and scholars of development studies, it explores the ongoing quest for market versus state within their model, and the coherence of their development.

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