Jostein Jakobsen: The maize frontier in rural South India: Exploring the everyday dynamics of the contemporary food regime

In Journal of Agrarian Change, 2019.

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Jostein Jakobsen


This contribution explores how new regions and crops areintegrated in the contemporary food regime through afieldwork-based approach to maize cultivation in rural Kar-nataka, South India. As an intrinsic part of the industrialgrain–oilseed–livestock complex, maize is an importantcomponent of the contemporary food regime. I argue thatthe expansion of maize at the village level follows commod-ity frontier dynamics, located at the conjuncture of pro-cesses“from above”pushing the industrial grain–oilseed–complex forward and processes“from below”that integratemaize in everyday livelihoods. Focusing on how villagersmake use of maize in ways that cross, but simultaneouslyare differentiated along, lines of class and caste, this articleseeks to contribute to our understanding of the everydaydynamics of contemporary food regime.


agrarian political economy, classes of labour, commodity frontiers, food regime analysis, India, political ecology, world ecology

Published Aug. 21, 2019 1:37 PM - Last modified Aug. 21, 2019 1:38 PM