Jostein Jakobsen & Arve Hansen: Geographies of meatification: an emerging Asian meat complex

In Globalizations, 2019.


Jostein Jakobsen and Arve Hansen


The ‘meatification’ of human diets has been subject to increasing scholarly attention in recent years, along with its many impacts. While the rapidly expanding meatification in many Asian countries has been noted, the geographies of these processes have been left largely unexplored. This paper maps the changing geographies of meat with special focus on Southeast Asia. We use Tony Weis’ concept of ‘the industrial grain-oilseed-livestock complex’ to analyse how forms of systemic meatification are taking place in Asia. We map and analyse regional trends in meat production and consumption, as well as trade patterns in meat products and dominant feed crops. We argue that the regional meat complex emerges through increasingly regional development processes and capital, as well as through new South-South connections. The geographies of meatification in Southeast Asia thus constitute an empirical manifestation of the emerging multipolarity of the global food regime.


Meatfood regimesmeatificationAsiaSouth-South tradeemerging economies 

Published May 13, 2019 1:16 PM - Last modified May 13, 2019 1:16 PM