Anna Birgitte Milford & Charlotte Kildal: Meat Reduction by Force: The Case of “Meatless Monday” in the Norwegian Armed Forces

In Sustainability, 2019.


Anna Birgitte Milford & Charlotte Kildal


Despite the scientific evidence that more plants and less animal-based food is more sustainable, policy interventions to reduce meat consumption are scarce. However, campaigns for meat free days in school and office canteens have spread globally over the last years. In this paper, we look at the Norwegian Armed Forces’ attempt to introduce the Meatless Monday campaign in their camps, and we evaluate the implementation process as well as the effect of the campaign on soldiers.

Qualitative interviews with military staff indicate that lack of conviction about benefits of meat reduction, and the fact that kitchen staff did not feel ownership to the project, partly explain why vegetarian measures were not fully implemented in all the camps. A multivariate regression analysis with survey data from soldiers indicate that those who have experienced meat free days in the military kitchen are more prone to claim that joining the military has given them a more positive view on vegetarian food. Furthermore, the survey gives evidence that stated willingness to eat more vegetarian food is higher among soldiers who believe in the environmental and health benefits of meat reduction. 


Sustainable diets; meat reduction; Meatless Monday; policy implementation; attitudes to vegetarian food; multivariate regression analysis.

Published May 14, 2019 10:59 AM - Last modified May 14, 2019 10:59 AM