Tanja Winther and Kjell Gurigard: Energy performance contracting (EPC)

Title: Energy performance contracting (EPC): a suitable mechanism for achieving energy savings in housing cooperatives? Results from a Norwegian pilot project

The barriers to energy savings in institutions and private homes are well known and include people’s lack of interest, awareness, knowledge and human and financial capacity. Experiences made in several countries show that EPC—energy performance contracting—may be used for overcoming many of these barriers. A typical EPC project is delivered by an energy service company(ESCO) and the contract is accompanied with a guarantee for energy savings. EPC is increasingly taken in use in the professional market (firms and the public sector), but is less common in the residential sector market. It has been suggested that there are several barriers for using EPC in the domestic sector such as the uncertainty involved in estimating forthcoming reductions in private consumption.

In this paper, we present the results from a pilot project on the use of EPC in a housing cooperative in Oslo. To read more please download the article here.

Published Sep. 7, 2016 2:25 PM - Last modified Sep. 7, 2016 2:26 PM