Wilhite, Harold (2013): "Energy consumption as cultural practice: implications for the theory and policy of sustainable energy use" in "Cultures of Energy: Power, Practices, Technologies"

Wilhite develops a new way of understanding energy sustainability through social practice theory. Wilhite highlights that our habits with regard to cooking technologies, lighting strategies, or transportation can be valued differently and practiced in multiple and varied ways.

Cover: Cultures of Energy: Power, Practices, Technologies.

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This path-breaking volume explores cultures of energy, the underlying but under-appreciated dimensions of both crisis and innovation in resource use around the globe. Theoretical chapters situate issues in larger conceptual frames, and ethnographic case studies reveal energy as it is imagined, used, and contested in a variety of cultural contexts. Contributors address issues including the connection between resource flows and social relationships in energy systems; cultural transformation and notions of progress and collapse; the blurring of technology and magic; social tensions that accompany energy contraction; and sociocultural changes required in affluent societies to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Each of five thematic sections concludes with an integrative and provocative conversation among the authors. The volume is an ideal tool for teaching unique, contemporary, and comparative perspectives on social theories of science and technology in undergraduate and graduate courses.

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