Arne Næss Symposium 2012

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This year's event, Thinking Dutifully, Acting Beautifully: Our Responsibility for a Sustainable Future, will take place in the Old Festive Hall in Oslo on November 12th, 10am - 4:30pm. The event is free and open for all: Registration (required) 



10.00-10.15 Welcome: Nina Witoszek, Prorector Inga Bostad
10.15-10.25 Erik Solheim: Opening remarks
10.25-11.05 Lawrence Buell: From Environmental Imagination to Environmental Wisdom
11.05-11.40 Jostein Gaarder: Ethics for the future
11.45-12.05 Fons Elders: A Tao of Arne Næss: Personal Reminiscence
12.05-13.15 Break
13.15-13.50 Eva Joly: The Black Boxes of Globalization: How Responsible are our Financial Elites?

Questions from the audience


Young Researchers’ Challenge: How to make the petroholic Norway "act beautifully?"

14.40-15.00 Response from the speakers, questions from the audience
15.00-15.20 David Chocron, Helge Iberg and Vox Humana Choir: Deep Ecological Jazz Intermission
15.20-16.10 George Monbiot: A Positive Environmentalism: Restoring the World's Living Systems, Restoring our Place in Them
16.10-16.30 Final questions and comments


Arne Næss Seminars

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OSS 2011: The Age of Stupid or the Age of Wisdom?

In The Age of Stupid – an emblematic doomsday film of our time – we see the world in 2050, ravaged by catastrophic climate change. An unnamed archivist, alone in his repository off the coast of the ice-free Arctic, watches archive footage from the first decades of the 2000s asking: “Why were we so stupid? Why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?"