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The politics of disaster governance in Bangladesh

This study sheds new light on the response to cyclone Sidr. Sidr ravaged the southern coast of Bangladesh on 15 November 2007, leaving thousands dead and affecting millions. Given lower death tolls than previous cyclones, the response to Sidr has gained international recognition and become an oft-cited case of successful disaster governance.

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Using qualitative methods to examine the operation of four selected categories of interventions, this study (PhD monograph) revisits the standard framing of the response to Cyclone Sidr. Key findings include that post-cyclone opportunities for risk reduction time and again were hijacked or lost.



Aase, M. (2020), Listing for change? Exploring the politics of relief lists in Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr. Disasters, 44: 666-686.


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The Norwegian Research Council.


Human Rights and Extreme Poverty Project (completed)
Ethics, Rights and Poverty: Global Theory and National Practice (completed)

Tags: Disaster, Development, Bangladesh, Cyclone
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