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The business-peace agenda in practice

This post-doctoral project at SUM investigates how business-peace interactions influence traditional Global North development mechanisms.

About the project

This project will study how converging business and development trends shape the business-peace agenda in practice. Conditions of business engagement that foster socioeconomic development and peace are explored, contrasting with those instead exacerbate conflict. Topics of particular interest include business engagements with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Business and Human Rights frameworks, and the role of Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate governance in contemporary business decision-making in conflict and crisis areas of operation.

The regional focus for this project includes field study in Colombia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and at the United Nations, among other areas and actors.


This project aims to create new local, national and international knowledge on business-peace initiatives, and fill existing knowledge gaps by connecting the existing business-peace agenda to more expansive trends within development, business ethics and global governance literatures. 


Primary outputs are the publication of three academic articles and a monograph that builds theory and presents findings on the above topics. Occasional op-eds and policy briefs will also be produced.




The Center for Development and the Environment, UiO 


This project is designed to harness cooperation with Universidad de los Andes (Bogot√°, Colombia), the National University of Singapore, the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development and the Peace Research Institute Oslo, among others. 

Tags: Global South, Colombia
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