Arne Næss Project (completed)

When territories are adversely impacted by human and/or naturally occurring Ecocide, extensive damage, destruction and loss of ecosystems occur. Until now, no research has been undertaken into how these territories will stand to benefit by a law of Ecocide.  A law of Ecocide, when implemented, will prioritize by law non-destructive and holistic policy, business and economics.

About the project

The Arne Naess Project is a bridging project of original research into an emerging area, combining key case studies and themes to shine a light on best practice of ecological economics, permaculture, grassroots restructuring and transitioning.

The project is a collaboration between key institutions and academia.

All students and institutions to be credited.

Arne Naess and Deep Ecology: Arne Naess advocated that a true understanding of nature would give rise to a point of view that appreciates the value of biological diversity understanding that each living thing is dependent on the existence of other creatures in the complex web of interrelationships that is the natural world.

What is Deep Ecology:


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  • to strengthen stewardship of the Earth’s natural and cultural resources
  • to demonstrate new pathways that build bridges between Ecocide zones and best practice case studies
  • to make visible the benefits of a law of Ecocide




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